HASOC (2019)

Hate Speech and Offensive Content Identification in Indo-European Languages

The registration for HASOC, 2019 is now open. In order to register, simply email the organizers (hasocfire@gmail.com). Please note that the training and test data will only be made available to participants who registered for the shared task. In your registration email, please also specify which of the three subtasks you intend to participate in. Upon your registration, you will receive information how to get access to the training data of the shared task.

Note:- Participants are supposed to mention the following information in the email (HASOC 2019):-

  • Team Name.
  • Group leader name.
  • Affiliation.

Join the official google group of HASOC-FIRE @ HASOC2019 for the latest updates.
All the teams are supposed to fill up this FORM in order to get the access of the training data.