HASOC (2021)

Hate Speech and Offensive Content Identification in English and Indo-Aryan Languages

Guidelines for Authors
Each team can submit ONLY ONE working note across all subtasks of a given track.
These will be published with CEUR as has been the trend for last several years. We need the following from each team:
a) Working notes
b) Copyright agreement

1. Formatting Requirements

  • Each article should follow single column CEUR format. The templates can be found in the attachment. For overleaf users, the template can also be found here
  • While do not have any limit on lengths of the working notes, CEUR mandates classifying the papers as Long (>10 pages), short (5-9 pages) and extended abstract ( < 5 pages). There will not be any distinction between these categories of papers as long as inclusion in CEUR proceedings or indexing (by dblp, scopus, etc) is concerned.
2. Copyright Agreement

Each group also has to submit a copyright agreement form. This year there are two different forms:
  • copyright-ntp: This agreement is to be filled by teams who have not used any third-party data/resource for their working notes. This will be the case for most of the teams Download here
  • copyright-tp: In case a group has used some third party material, they have to submit this form, which states that they have obtained the necessary permissions for use of such material. Download here
For more details please read: http://ceur-ws.org/HOWTOSUBMIT.html#AUTHORAGREEMENT

The Partially filled copyright agreements can be downloaded from the above links. CEUR mandated physical signing of the forms after taking a printout. In case some participants do not have access to a printer (e.g. institute is closed due to covid-19), an alternate approach is mentioned here. A partially/incorrectly filled or digitally signed copyright form is the most common error that authors usually make, and special attention should be paid to it. Kindly ensure Date, place or title are not missing from the copyright agreement forms.

3. Common Issues
Following are some common errors that the authors must try to avoid:
  • Inclusion of names of teams and tracks in titles of working notes is highly discouraged.
    • For instance titles like "Avengers@AILA: Legal document retrieval" should rather be written as "Legal Document Retrieval"
  • Author names should not have any prefixes like Dr., Prof., etc
  • Copyright information within the footer of the first page should be "Forum for Information Retrieval Evaluation, December 13-17, 2021, India" and should not be changed to include track names or any other details/modifications.
You can submit your paper here: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=fire21